Quanton method is the innovative way to treat chronic conditions

International scientific and practical Conference
“GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects.”
Russia, St. Petersburg, May 14 – 18, 2017


Quanton method is the innovative way to treat chronic conditions.
Igor Ogorodnyk
Center Aurana, Warsaw, Poland


We all want to be healthy and happy, to look good and the most important thing not to do anything about it. In principle, it was conceived by Nature and the Supreme Creative Rule: if everything proceeds according to the Law of the Creator and all kinds of life are coordinated among themselves in a single harmonious system, then there is no need to worry about anything - all happens automatically, based on information exchange with the help of biofeedback underlying the self-regulation of biosystems.

We will not analyse, why the Great Principle doesn’t work on Earth in our time and why we are forced to look for additional ways supporting our homeostasis on minimum level of Non-sickness, not to mention the full life, filled with the energy of Co-creation, joy and love.


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