Igor and Eryka Recommendation/Testimonial

In December of 2018, I went to see Igor and Eryka for therapeutic support as I had a depleted immune system from years of working long hours at a demanding job while simultaneously caring for my senior parents in their last years. Specifically, a breast cancer from 20 years ago had metastasized to my left lung and was not diagnosed for numerous years. I had multiple symptoms from the tumor including inflammation and burning, pain and diminished breath. By the time I saw them, I had also lost both of my parents’ and had anxiety from the sudden loss of family. My nervous system was overloaded and I had tingling in my face, head and back. My heartbeat was irregular and I had inflammation in my heart. My sleep was disturbed in the middle of the night with wakefulness that lasted for a couple hours.


Vlasenko Irina

For over 20 years I suffered from severe headaches.

I did a lot of examinations and consultations, diagnoses were various, but the same result - suffering was increasing with every year. Terrible migraine was accompanied by nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps so severe that prevented any intake of pills or drinking water.

These attacks took place mostly at night, so the early intake of a cure was impossible. Light, sound, music, loud talking, various smells, especially sharp and saturated caused unbearable suffering. Only strong painkillers brought a small relief. Migraine attacks lasted from one to two days; earlier they happened once every two months, but with time their number increased. Doctors prescribed various medications which did not bring any relief. I was told that the nature of migraine was not investigated thoroughly and there is no universal medicine. They promised that migraine attacks will cease after my 40thbirthday, but after that time they happened almost every week and were unbearable.


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