migrena1Conventional medicine does not know the reasons for occurrence of migraine, and its treatment is limited to the use of chemicals, which affect the blood vessels of the brain and reduce the pain temporarily. Unfortunately, the majority of pharmaceutical agents cause also side effects, and most importantly, do not remove the main problem. After some time, migraine returns, and along with it the subsequent dose of pharmaceuticals.


Our experience with Lyme disease

borreliaWe have years’ of experience in effective elimination of Lyme disease in all stages of its development. By means of Individual Resonance therapy we create conditions that are not suitable for metabolic processes of Borelia bacteria, and therefore they die as the result.

The main procedure of the therapy is a daily selection of individual frequencies.



trichinella1Trichinosis is a parasitic disease caused by development of nematode - Trichinella spiralis. This parasite occurs in humans and animals (pig, bears, rats, foxes, etc.). Consumption of contaminated meat, especially pork and game meat may lead to infection with this nematode. Persons infected with Trichinella spiralis, feel tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep they have hard time to start the day, they become irritable, anxious, have panic attacks, bouts of depression and often complain about long-term insomnia. Among main burdens caused by this parasite in the human body are pain and/or muscle spasms of the legs (especially calves), shoulders, neck and sometimes hands and feet muscles.


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