Method QRH*

rez pic1The method of Quanton Resonance Healing was created as the result of many years of research aimed at finding the solution to numerous health problems, the cause of which is not diagnosed by conventional methods. My purpose was to help physicians, and above all, ordinary people to understand why even very good treatments and therapies are not always effective or have short-term effectiveness.

Since 2004 I have been looking for a method that would enable me to eliminate acute and chronic problems of the human body in a short period of time and without any side effects.


Establishment of the Individual Resonance Method*

rez ind1      From the standpoint of Biophysics, metabolism is the association and dissociation, the creation of new and decomposition of the previous forms. The process involves particles, ions, polarized molecules and water’s dipoles. The movement of any charged particles creates positive or negative potential. These rules allow to carry out a therapy in a physical not chemical way.


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