Our experience with Lyme disease

borreliaWe have years’ of experience in effective elimination of Lyme disease in all stages of its development. By means of Individual Resonance therapy we create conditions that are not suitable for metabolic processes of Borelia bacteria, and therefore they die as the result.

The main procedure of the therapy is a daily selection of individual frequencies.

Additionally, we work on restoring of acid-base homeostasis in the body through properly selected microelements in accordance with Emmanuel Revici’s Chart of anabolic and catabolic elements. Microelements, vitamins, preparations and herbs are individually selected by means of medical selector, and their task is to strengthen immunological system, restore connective tissue and to purify the body as well.

The wellbeing of a person that undergoes the treatment significantly improves within 2-4 sessions lasting up to 4 days, each with one week of break between them; number of sessions depends on the extent of damage and reserves of the body. Complete recovery of a person usually takes place between 1-2 months.

There are frequent cases when infection of Lyme disease is accompanied by infection of Trichinella Spiralis, which leads to very severe conditions, such as: excruciating pain in the entire body, complete or partial insomnia, problems with mental activity, irritability, nervousness, depression. Most of our clients, who complain at the above problems, are also burdened with Toksoplazmoza gondi and/or Trypanosomas which affect the central nervous system.

All kind of combinations of the above pathogens are effectively eliminated by the same therapy; the only thing that differs from person to person, is the time needed for completion of the treatment, which depends on immunological reserves and overall health condition of a given person.

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