Establishment of the Individual Resonance Method

rez ind1      From the standpoint of Biophysics, metabolism is the association and dissociation, the creation of new and decomposition of the previous forms. The process involves particles, ions, polarized molecules and water’s dipoles. The movement of any charged particles creates positive or negative potential. These rules allow to carry out a therapy in a physical not chemical way.

In an old, Chinese text a student asks a master of Qi-gong: Is it true that in recent times the doctors used neither herbs nor acupuncture? The master replied: "In recent times the energy was used directly. Acupuncture and herbs that we use today are a step backwards compared with direct energy communication. "

This wisdom indicates that in all the vital processes, the primary strength is energy and energy communication, which enables for the rapid transfer of information between biological structures.

It leads to the following conclusion: while increasing the magnetic field by applying very low electric current with an appropriate frequency, you can change the polarity of molecular structures and in a very short period of time achieve the effect that cannot be reached by using herbs or chemicals.

rez ind2Psychologist, Dr. David Feinshtein, said that: "Electromagnetic frequency is hundreds of times more effective than chemical signals, such as hormones and mediators of the nervous system in the internal communication of biological systems." The statement is based on a research carried out in the 70s by a Biophysicyst C.W.F. Clare Mc at the University of Oxford, and described in annals under the title of "Resonance in bioenergetics." (1)
Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that the length of time that takes for the chemical molecules in biological communication to cover a distance shorter than a centimeter, is enough for an electromagnetic wave to pass ¾ of the distance from the Earth to the Moon".

     For the first time in 1920, the Russian scientist Alexander Gurvich suggested, that the basis for the structure of the body and its cells is the radiation of an electromagnetic field.

In the same decade, Dr. Elmer Lund, a professor of Zoology at the University of Texas discovered that the cell structure of small animals can be reorganized, by affecting it with an electric current of adequate strength, which suppresses the electromagnetic field of the animal.

Another study carried out by Herbert Frohlich from the University of Liverpool allowed to assume, that the phospholipid layer of a liquid-crystal of the cell membrane, vibrating at a certain frequency range (Frohlich-frequency), “can synchronize the activity of all proteins, and the whole system". The researcher demonstrated that when you reach a certain threshold level of energy power "particles begin to vibrate in unison, until they achieve a high degree of coherence"

The semi-conductive properties of connective tissue, the cells of which enter into resonance, provide speed and energy that considerably exceed other communication mechanisms.

    According to Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who claims that the crystal structure of tissues and organs leads to a harmonious resonance of the whole structure of the body: "When a certain level of coherence is achieved ... the body behaves like a crystal ... The summit is reached when all atoms waver in one phase. "

rez ind3    The above studies confirm that the structure of biological organisms is of a field-energy and all the inner organic structures have individual biophysical parameters, such as: oscillation frequency, polarization, magnetic field, etc. It also applies to all regulatory processes in the body, which means that you can influence biophysical processes by a specifically selected frequency restoring homeostasis.

We do not have a complete picture of the impact that individual frequencies may have on a living organism, nevertheless it can be concluded that their effect applies to general processes for all the cells and the basic vital functions such as: normalization of metabolism, biosynthesis process and tissue respiration, and the like. Furthermore, it was observed repeatedly that by using the individual resonance for therapeutic procedures, a self-restoring process took place in organs and in the intercellular space.

Correction of homeostasis and regulatory functions of the body under the influence of the individual resonance occurs both by stimulation and inhibition of functional endocrine activity, release of mediators into the internal environment of the body, and depends on the frequency which the body will need for normalization of homeostasis.

Inventor of the method: "Quanton Resonance Healing" - Igor Ogorodnyk 

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