migrena1Conventional medicine does not know the reasons for occurrence of migraine, and its treatment is limited to the use of chemicals, which affect the blood vessels of the brain and reduce the pain temporarily. Unfortunately, the majority of pharmaceutical agents cause also side effects, and most importantly, do not remove the main problem. After some time, migraine returns, and along with it the subsequent dose of pharmaceuticals.


It turns out that you can get rid of migraine forever!

At the beginning, some theory about how migraine pain arises.

At the beginning it should be emphasized that the brain is deprived of nociceptive tissues called pain receptors, and therefore it cannot hurt. Thus, headaches cannot occur in the brain. In fact, the pain is caused by sensitive pain receptors (nociceptors) of the meninges, located between the bones of the skull and the brain, as well as muscle and tendon receptors, encompassing the skull’s bone.

Accordingly, the reason that causes headaches may be various processes affecting the meninges, tendons and muscles of the head, as well as the entire nervous system.

It is common knowledge, that all the processes in the human body should be structured and synchronized. The migrena2main system which is responsible for the proper cooperation of organs and functions of the body is the nervous system. Burdening factors such as stress, physical, mental and emotional fatigue lead to disturbances in this system. As the result of these overloads, the tension arises leading to improper operation of the cardiovascular system of the head, which is the reason for the occurrence of acute and chronic pains.

The mechanism of the occurrence of migraine looks like this: just before the migraine attack, blood flow to specific regions of the brain begins to decline, causing balance disorders andaffecting neurological functions. Then, as the result of vasoconstriction, blood vessels rapidly expand, which leads to the brain tissue edema. This was demonstrated in various studies, for example, in studies done by Dr. J.R.Graham and Dr. H.G.Wolff, who noted alleviation of migraine pain in their patient after administering Ergotamine Tryptat, a drug which narrows the brain blood vessels.

migrena3Cerebral circulation problems arise, as the result of balance disorders of the inhibitory and excitatory activity in the nervous system. Normally, the brain keeps a healthy balance between both activities by adjusting the respective amounts of neurotransmitters, used by brain cells for synaptic communication. Accumulation of stress and tension from frequent negative external influences, lead to dysregulation of neuro-hormonal balance. In such a case, the deficiency of the sedative GABA neurotransmitter (γ-aminobutyric acid) often occurs, leading to an electrical “storm”, which causes the occurrence of migraine. The stronger and more frequent the stress is, the greater the probability of the attack.

Additionally in women, dysregulation in the hormonal system takes place, during which estrogens outnumber progesterone hormones increasing the risk of migraine several times, particularly in premenstrual period. Only the body of a pregnant woman is protected from migraine attacks, due to an increased amount of progesterone, which has a sedative effect.

What is the lifebelt in this situation?

There are several ways to get rid of migraine. The oldest and most effective one is regular, deep meditation putting the brain in a state of high coherence (super-ordering). The state soothes and balances the "storm" of neurotransmitters which causes migraine. The most famous meditation techniques are: TM (Transcendental Meditation) and Vipassana.

migrena4Another available way that is at our disposal, is the method of Quanton Resonance Healing, during which the human body is subjected to the influence of an electromagnetic field with an individually selected frequency, which has a regulatory effect on the nervous system. The frequency is not a standard one and is determined during a test by means of special equipment.
This method is the most modern one and unique, as it has no counterparts in the world. The high efficiency and relatively short duration of the therapy are shocking for some people, especially those who have been struggling with migraines for many years.

How is the therapy carried out? Our client, after proper testing, receives his own set of frequencies that are selected and updated daily. Then, for 5-7 days the client is subjected to a special electromagnetic field that structures the brain function - it takes a few hours per day. Additionally, the brain area tests are performed by means of the GDV camera based on Kirlian effect, as well as an extended blood analysis via a special non-invasive AMP analyzer.

All these methods allow us to monitor the course of the therapy with great accuracy.
For migraine treatment we usually need 5-7 days, after termination of which, we keep an e-mail / phone contact with the treated person for period of two months. If during this period migraine returns, the treatment is repeated free of charge, but if it returns after 2 to 6 months, the treatment is performed with 50% discount.

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