Method QRH

rez pic1The method of Quanton Resonance Healing was created as the result of many years of research aimed at finding the solution to numerous health problems, the cause of which is not diagnosed by conventional methods. My purpose was to help physicians, and above all, ordinary people to understand why even very good treatments and therapies are not always effective or have short-term effectiveness.

Since 2004 I have been looking for a method that would enable me to eliminate acute and chronic problems of the human body in a short period of time and without any side effects.

Ten years ago it sounded almost unreal, but despite this fact, guided by intuition, I was looking for the most effective solution. I used methods of various schools and authors, but the resonance therapy turned out to be the most effective. I ran a large number of practical experiments in order to find resonance frequencies for specific health problems.

As a result of my ten years' research, I have created a method, which I named "Quanton Resonance Healing". Using my method, one can eliminate in 100% such ailments and diseases as: migraine, Lyme disease, syphilis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, myalgia of any etiology and many others. Every inflammation, for example, may be removed in 15-30 minutes without the use of pharmaceuticals and without any side effects. The elimination of acute inflammation in my lungs took me about 30 minutes.

rez pic2The high effectiveness of my therapy is the result of using individually selected and adjusted frequencies to a specific problem of a given person, for a specific period of time. This approach enables to synchronize the frequency with the biological rhythms of the human body.

The synchronicity mentioned above multiplies the effectiveness of the resonance therapy, and strengthens its long-lasting effect.

In the proposed method we follow an absolutely individual approach to each person. At first, we determine the source of the problem with the Vega-test and a medical selector. The problem may be caused by poisoning with chemicals or heavy metals, by strong impact of electromagnetic field or geo-pathogenic zone, but it also may be caused by the presence of parasites, detection of which is not possible with conventional medical equipment.

As far as parasites are concerned, they exude secretions creating an environment friendly to their existence while heavily burdening the human body, which often leads to numerous diseases. We determine most heavily burdened organs and systems, the level of immunity, adaptive reserves, the body's pH level and metabolic status. Subsequently, individual resonance frequency is selected for the purpose of pathological processes elimination, pH adjustment, correction of energy in the meridians, and for removal of all types of pathogens as well. The procedure is the know-how among resonance methods.

The frequency induces resonance at a very deep level in biological structures of the human body, which often results in rapid and positive changes in overall well-being, often during the therapy itself. In 90% of cases people experience disappearance of pain, lightness in the body, burst of energy and vitality, as well as general body harmonization. Above changes indicate that normal metabolic processes have been restored, the pH level adjusted, and the proper body self-regulation processes enhanced.

A general feeling of being unwell, dizziness or some other negative symptoms occur very rarely, but once they happen, it indicates the activation of many processes in the body at the same time, and may lead to accelerated metabolism or intensified detoxification of organs and systems. Such condition lasts from a few hours to two days, depending on an individual. It is recommended to drink a lot of water and rest then.

Individually selected resonant frequencies are effective once or twice over a short period of time (one or two days). The longer the time interval between the moment of testing and the complete therapy implementation, the smaller the chances for an effective result due to the volatility of the human body's own resonant frequencies, which are influenced by the Earth, solar activity, magnetic storms, changes in weather conditions and other factors. For the problems that remain after the first resonance session, new frequencies need to be selected. They may be similar to the previous ones or absolutely different, depending on the depth of the problem and so-called multi-layer nature of pathology. Layering means that the problem in the body, if not eliminated at the right time, accumulates and forms something similar to a multi-layer structure of an artichoke. Samuel Hahnemann himself wrote that healing chronic diseases cannot be fast; at the beginning, you have to stimulate the deep layers of pathology to make them "sound" like a symptom of a particular disease, and only then you can activate self-healing processes in the body.

Practical experience has shown that the positive effect of individually selected resonant frequencies has been observed in almost 100% of cases, which certainly does not mean a complete recovery of the client. It all depends on the depth of the pathological process as well as the body's adaptive reserves. The need to search for additional frequencies to the remaining problems arises in almost every case, but most importantly, there are no negative side effects of this therapy.

rez pic3The therapy is applied by administering a resonance frequency in the form of rectangular pulse or sinusoidal signal of a very low intensity (1-2 V) by means of electrodes for hands and feet or via an electromagnetic induction loop. During the treatment our clients do not feel any activity of the electric current but can perceive the changes occurring in their bodies under the influence of resonance. The session usually consists of 4-6 frequencies lasting 60-90 minutes each. Some frequencies have to be repeated the next day, and after a few days following the termination of the therapy, a control test is applied.

After a few tests and therapeutic cycles, re-testing typically shows an increase in the adaptive reserves of the body, enhanced immunity, adjustment of the pH value, and most importantly, the overall improvement in the client's wellbeing. Very often, a simultaneous disappearance of many symptoms and ailments takes place, which were forgotten by our clients or considered unimportant.

All this demonstrates that selected frequencies affect the body in a holistic way, i.e. they influence it as a whole, and not a specific pathogen or the cell membranes. The most interesting thing is that the same frequency can unlock energy in the meridians, stimulate self-cleaning of an organ or the whole body, normalize the pH level and also disrupt the metabolic processes of parasites present in a given organ or in the entire body.

Unfortunately, this type of the body testing is very time-consuming (1,5-2h) and requires maximum concentration on the part of the testing person, as it is done with great accuracy.

rez pic4Taking into consideration the very high efficiency of the individual resonance therapy, we would recommend it without hesitation to everyone, who has diseases of unclear etiology or so-called 'incurable' diseases, and who takes chemical medicaments for an extensive period of time, which is not always safe. This therapy has allowed many people to avoid surgery, and their physical wellbeing is an established standard as the result of the treatment.

Autor of the method: „Quanton Resonance Healing" - Igor Ogorodnyk